Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The wordy and nerdy luminaries of the science-writing world

My brain, personal network and Twitter followers were expanded over the weekend as I attended a science writing conference. An added perk -- I was invited as a guest poster on a Nature Education blog. Read my report from the conference:

At the Peabody

Guest Post: Learning from the Luminaries

This weekend, New Haven, Connecticut, glowed with the wordy and nerdy luminaries of the science-writing world. They were drinking coffee like water, exchanging business cards like blackjack dealers, and hobnobbing amidst dinosaur bones.

I was at ScienceWriters2010, a joint meeting of the National Association of Science Writers Annual Workshops and the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing's New Horizons in Science Briefings, hosted at Yale University. While many of the names present were from the heights of the science writing, there were also more modest people like me (i.e., students).

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  1. That's so exciting! You must have had great time.